Combo Assessments

Functional and Medical Assessment (FAMA)
Functional and Medical Evaluations combine an Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) and a Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE). The functional data from the FAE is interpreted into the report authored by the doctor and combined with their medical exam. This report counts as one opinion as the functional evaluator acts as a technician and only the physician authors an opinion.


Functional Capacity Evaluation/Cost of Future Care (FCE/CFC)

The purpose of the Cost of Future Care Analysis (CFC) will be to provide an organized plan for the present and future needs of the claimant and their associated costs. Such recommendations are meant to assist with maintaining the claimant’s function, medical stability and maximizing their level of independence where possible.

Cost of Care or Life Care Plans are most often combined with a Functional Capacity Evaluation and/or a Home assessment as to support the recommendations with validity and reliability rich testing and real life observation. CFC is however also available by file review only as needed by the client.


Functional Capacity Evaluation/Cost of Future Care/Vocational Assessment (FCE/CFC/VOC)

The latest and most popular option for medical legal opinions is the FCE/CFC/VOC combo report. This is a 3 in 1 report of functional capacity, cost of future care and a detailed vocational assessment. This report addresses the typical 3 reports ordered separately with significant cost and time savings. Benefits include synchronized opinion counting as 1 expert report, providing significant advantages to the new ICBC expert limit rule.