Functional Abilities Evaluations (FAE) and Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

Functional Capacity Evaluations are used by insurance companies, the government, medical legal community as well as the private sector to determine a claimant’s limitations, abilities, sincerity of effort and ability to return to work and daily life activities.

Functional Capacity Evaluations provide objective information about an individual’s current abilities to perform work tasks and activities of daily living. These tasks include activities such as lifting, pushing and pulling, repetitive tasks for the upper extremities, precision tasks such as finger dexterity; and postural tolerances such as sitting, standing and walking. Standardized measures of consistency of effort and symptom report are incorporated into the assessment protocol.

The FCE comes with a comprehensive report with specific recommendations in one or more of the following areas: return to work status, rehabilitation potential and plans, ergonomic equipment needs, work site and work practice modifications, and graduated return to work schedules.

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Pre/Post Offer Employment Testing (POETS)

Complete custom medical screening designed for new employees as well as periodical medicals for current workers. Testing includes, vision, hearing, spirometry, range of motion, static/dynamic strength, dexterity, handling, sustained positions, cardiovascular/blood pressure testing, hand grip, pinch grip etc.


Return to Work Support Services provides the following four components, each available as a stand alone service or in any combination:

Job Site Visit

The JSV may include any of the following: Brief review of work tasks, confirmation of the worker’s critical job demands, exploration of simple job modifications and return to work options, consultation with relevant stakeholders to establish an appropriate return to work plan; or ongoing support of the graduated return to work plan, including job coaching.

Graduated Return to Work Plan

The GRTW Plan is developed with the participation of the injured worker, the employer, the attending physician, the WorkSafeBC officer and other relevant stakeholders. It will contain specific hours, duties and a defined end date.

Graduated Return to Work Monitoring

This service ensures that a Graduated Return to Work Plan is fully implemented with appropriate support provided as needed. Graduated Return to Work Monitoring provides a minimum of weekly communication with all of the relevant stakeholders and revision of the Graduated Return to Work Plan if warranted.

Job/Physical Demands Analysis (JDA/PDA)

A Physical Demands Analysis is a detailed quanititative and qualitative assessment of the physical demands, environmental and psychosocial stressors associated with a particular job. The JDA will provide quantification of work-place demands including frequency of activities, weights, heights and distances. This can be  used as a reference to future functional screens of new employees being testing in a POET or existing injured employees who need to be tested for being fit to return to work.

Functional and Medical Evaluation (FAME)

Functional and Medical Evaluations combine an Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) and a Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE). The functional data from the FAE is interpreted into the report authored by the doctor and combined with their medical exam.